Influential Bloggers – Niches and monetization

Welcome to writing/communications Wednesdays. Last Spring I went to a blogging conference (BlogWest 2013). It was a general conference about a variety of topics related to blogging. One of my biggest take-aways from the conference was hearing from the leaders in the “Mommy Blogging” niche. This week in Understanding Social Networks by Kadushin (2012), I […]

3 Ways to Succeed at Personal Branding

Welcome to Writing/Communications Wednesdays. Before I started my Masters program in Communications and Technology, I thought I was digitally literate and taking a course in “Using/Managing Social Networks” and “New Media Narratives” this term I’ve learned a lot so far about fitting in with the digital communications community. Theory vs. Practice – Social Networking not […]

How coffee breaks can help businesses

Welcome to writing/communications Wednesdays. How often do you hear: “Hey get back to work!” when employees are having a chat in the hallway or drinking coffee together? I think coffee breaks can help businesses succeed because informal networks fulfill a natural human need. Informal networks in business Informal networks within a formally established workplace hierarchy, […]