I know that living in Belgium, I should expect to see weird things, but today’s sighting was a little bit of a surprise anyway. I was walking back to the office from my lunch break and I saw two men kneeling on the grass with gloves on and small shovels in their hands. They were planting flowers! Planting flowers in mid-November! The weather isn’t frosty yet, but its definitely not plant growing season.

I looked down and saw the younger man arguing in French with the older man. They had planted purple and white flowers and also had bulbs which looked like onions sitting on top of the dirt. Their green van had its sliding door open and I could see racks stacked with plants inside.

There will probably be weather below freezing within the next two weeks so I ask myself why are they planting fresh flowers in mid-November rather than waiting until mid-April? The only answer I’ve been able to come up with is: its Belgium.