Hi there!

I am an Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. My research focuses on the creative practices for developing and evaluating interactive digital narratives for nonfiction genres. I am particularly interested in cultural heritage, tourism, public history, and digital humanities projects.

My completed postdoctoral research:

As part of Studio Europa Maastricht my focus was on the theme of Identity, Heritage and the Citizens’ Perspective. I investigated the emerging concept of creative placemaking and how the techniques can be used to contribute to storytelling about the heritage and identity of citizens in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion.

My work was supported not only by colleagues in Studio Europa Maastricht, but also by my interdisciplinary collaborations within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage) and the Faculty of Science and Engineering (Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering).

Areas of Expertise:

  • media theory
  • digital/interactive media
  • transmedia storytelling (e.g., iDocs, locative mobile apps, interactive web exhibitions)
  • multimedia creative production
  • communications studies
  • big data analysis (e.g., user-generated content, digital archives)
  • digital humanities
  • cultural heritage
  • public history
  • tourism

My PhD is in Digital Humanities from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and it was funded by the ADAPT Centre  – The Global Centre for Excellent in Digital Content Technologies. I have a Master of Arts in Communications and Technology from the University of Alberta (Canada). After submitting my thesis, I completed a Visiting Research Fellowship at the Centre for Contemporary History at the University of Luxembourg where I worked on developing a plan for a mobile application associated with the Remixing Industrial Pasts project.

You can find out more about my academic profile via ORCID: 0000-0003-1753-9160 or on my Google Scholar Profile.

On the Chron-nicoles blog, I write about academia, heritage, culture, tourism and storytelling.

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