Your sweet aroma fills my nose.

I get a feeling inside me I can’t describe.

All my senses are enlivened.

Your transparent caramel colour entices me.

You flow smoothly through the air

and enter your new home.

With my hands around you,

I relish in your warmth.

When you touch my lips for the first time,

I’m eager to devour you.

I take you from mouth and inhale deeply.

I smile from satisfaction

with my first cup of morning coffee.

There is a certain satisfaction that comes from sipping the first coffee of the morning. My favorite coffee drinking moment is to take my coffee with a little bit of milk and sugar out to the garden on a cool morning when only the birds are awake. The coffee warms you up and is a perfect little treat on a cool morning.In Belgium, coffee always comes with a little treat.

I can’t say I have a favourite bean from a certain origin. I like Columbian, Arabic, Ethiopian coffee and the flavoured roasts found widely in Canada and the United States. I like filtered coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos and coffee made on the stove. I’m not desiring expressos or instant coffee. Espressos alone are too small and too strong, giving me unpleasant stimulation and an acidic stomach. Instant coffee…is it really coffee? Lacking the coffee bean flavour, aroma, and caramel color, instant coffee is a fall back when nothing else is available.

I like coffee flavoured ice cream, cakes, chocolate, candies, and I’ve even tried cappuccino flavoured gum. Yes it existed at one point in Canada.

If there’s a job out there that involves coffee tasting, I would take it. Although, I might have to switch to decaf. Decaf doesn’t seem to be very popular in Europe. Decaf allows you to enjoy the coffee drinking experience, but without the effects of caffeine.

Although I’ve only heard the saying “Wake up and smell the coffee” being used a negative scenario, I think waking up to the smell of coffee is the best way to start the day.