Well, firstly I let me tell you that in December 2009 I moved from my small hometown in Canada after I graduated university to a capital city in Europe.

So where am I writing from you ask? Can you guess? Let me start by giving you some hints. I can tell you that, this European country is still under a monarchy, it has three official languages and it is probably less than half the size of the Canadian province I lived in. Any guesses?

Ok, some easier hints for you. The national dish is moules and frites or in English: mussels and fries. This country is also known for its gaufres, or in English: waffles. And that’s about all the French I’ve learned since I moved here 7 months ago.

Still not sure? After five hints? Ok, I’m going to give it away because this game is too hard.

The world knows this country for its CHOCOLATE. That’s right…Belgian chocolate, which I can attest to, is in fact delicious and addicting I might add. With chocolatier shops on nearly every main shopping street and square of the city, it’s hard for a girl to maintain her shape. At least in Europe more walking is required, or at its least more convenient, than in Canada.

So there you have it. I moved to Belgium. So how many people do you hear in university saying: “When I graduate I want to travel to Europe and visit…….Belgium!”???? Yeah. Nobody. I didn’t say it either.

Anyway, I hope you find my stories of living in Belgium and traveling Europe interesting, entertaining and maybe even enlightening.