Examples of hypertext fiction – how to write hypertext narratives?

Looking at examples of hypertext books there are only a handful that have been critically examined. Paul Hackman notes, “fifteen years after the first generation of hypertext novels emerged, hypertext literature remains on the fringe of literary studies” (2011, p. 86). One of the reasons for the lack of hypertext fiction novels, besides the issues […]

New hypertext narrative forms – what’s beyond the hyperlink?

The new digital medium of hypertext fiction requires a narrative form because of its non-linear design. In regards to this issue Landow (1992) writes, “either one simply cannot write hypertext fiction […] or else Aristotelian definitions and descriptions of plot do not apply to stories read and written within a hypertext environment” (p. 101). The […]

The future of hypertext fiction – Cyberbooks?

It is now evident that the reason why hypertext fiction is not more prominent with the increased publishing of e-books is that there are some major inhibiting factors, which are grounded in tradition. The first inhibitor of innovative hypertext books is that readers are accustomed to and enjoy the phenomenological experience of reading a print […]