Blog to Book Narratives

Welcome to writing/communications Wednesday. Today’s post aims to answer the questions: Are blogs narratives? and How is online narrative different from print? Ahhh the world of blogging. I’ve been blogging for over three years now and there are several stigmas and stereotypes around blogging. Some people pay high respect to blogging and others see it […]

Book Trailers – Social Media Marketing

Welcome to writing/communications Wednesday.Today’s post addresses a topic from my New Media Narratives (COMM 597) course for my Master of Arts in Communications and Technology degree. The question that inspired me to discuss book trailers was: “What are some current views about the emergence and diffusion of media?” in relation to the topic of publishing […]

Phenomenology of reading print vs. digital books

A major reason hypertext fiction has not taken off as one might expect in the digital age is because people are accustomed to and enjoy the phenomenological experience of reading print books. In casual conversation, people often state that they prefer to read print books because of the feel and smell of the book – […]