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While the weather isn’t known to be the best in Belgium, ok its not known to even be good, but when the sun decides to make an appearance most people head to the North Sea.

The word, North, automatically makes you think – cold – and its true it can be chilly, but if you want a weekend away in early spring or late summer, De Haan is the place to go on the Belgian coast.

There are quite a few cities to visit along the Belgian coast, but De Haan is the most inviting. It’s smaller than the popular Oostende and I find that every time we are driving away from De Haan into the sunset I’m always wishing that we could stay longer.

De Haan is in the Flemish part of Belgium and the people are always friendly and cheerful. The residents of these coastal cities dress differently than people living in other parts of the Belgium. You will see young and older people alike riding their bicycles wearing white pants, pastel or navy blue shirts, bright red shoes and hats. They have the sailor-look down pat.

You can bring a towel or pay a fee to rent a lounging chair to bask in the sun for the afternoon on the longest sandy beach on the Belgian coast. If you want to be closer to the main road with access to bathrooms, restaurants and terraces to enjoy a cool drink and a snack, then the top of the beach is where to set up camp. Or if you plan on getting a great tan, playing Frisbee and splashing in the salty water you can walk down to the lower end of the beach and sit where the real action is at….

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