Today: September 27, 2012 is Arthur’s Day! A day in which we celebrate and raise a glass of Guinness to Arthur Guinness, an Irish Brewer and founder of the Guinness brewery.

In 1759, Arthur Guinness took a 9,000 year lease on the four-acre brewery in St. James’s Gate for an annual rent of 45 pounds. Another fun fact is that he went on to have 21 children with his wife, Olivia, Whitmore. He was a busy fellow.

Guinness is a stout which has a distinctive burnt flavor to it that comes from the roasted malt barley. Having had my first Guinness in Dublin, I can tell you that if you’ve been putting it off because of its colour or the sound of “burnt barley”, then give it another try because after the first sip the flavor really grows on you. Its a beer like no other, it’s creamy and delicious.

When I visited Dublin, I remember seeing advertising signs on the pub walls and finding them quite entertaining. Some of the metal signs looked like older advertisements and some appeared to be newer. I remember seeing one that said something along the lines of “give your baby guinness for strength”.

Here are a few ads to get you excited about the black stuff for your Arthur’s Day celebration:

As you can see, black is beautiful, size matters and Guinness is good for you, so if you’re on board with the advertising, love guinness or are just looking for an excuse to go out for a beer on a Thursday at an Irish pub near you, let’s cheers to Arthur’s Day!

Do you like Guinness? Will you be celebrating Arthur’s Day? Where will you be raising a glass?

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