When I started to receive emails requests to join Facebook, after it was already semi-popularized, I just kept deleting them. I wasn’t too interested and then I finally caved in because it was growing and growing to the point where people were making social references in conversation to the network. So I signed up and created a profile. I don’t even remember what my first profile photo was because I had left the space blank for so long after joining.

I’d have to say that I think Facebook is probably responsible for people purchasing and using digital cameras more often now. I’ve seen some girls’ pages where they have endless, and I mean endless, photos of themselves shot from an arms length away so that you can see every perfect inch of their skin, makeup and hair.

I have also seen some very unflattering photos, which I don’t understand why people post. Why would you want people to see you looking bad or in a state that should be private?

What I really don’t understand is people who create pages or write statuses about a relative, friend, colleague or other person who has passed away? When I first saw this situation happen, a “friend” on my list posted a status and had created a page dedicated to a former administrator at my high school who has passed away. She wrote a paragraph on the introduction to page with the details of how he had passed, including the progression of his illness. I was completely shocked and saddened to learn about this “news” in the first place, but even more put off by the fact that it was being announced on Facebook. Not only is it an complete invasion of privacy on behalf of the person and their family, it is the opposite of paying respects: its downright disrespectful.

I also say another “friend” on my Facebook list change their status saying: R.I.P. uncle _______. How can you post such a thing? Are you really grieving if you are on Facebook? I recently saw a status update regarding a very serious illness of someone’s family member. I ask everyone on my Facebook friends list to not post anywhere if I’m ever in the hospital for any reason.

I would say let the very personal messages regarding family and other sad news R.I.P. from Facebook.

*Posting personal information about someone else on Facebook, on any other website, or public space could result in legal action initiated by the person in question. For more information about other cyber offenses and to learn how to protect your personal information see this website.

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    1. Exactly. I will give “likes” to those who have creative statuses like you said as I tend to shy away from “liking” anything on facebook since facebook can “follow” you that way. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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