The other day I stopped at a “Night Shop” which is a general store that is open past 6:00pm (when all the other grocery stores close in Belgium). I went to get some milk for my coffee the next morning. I was looking in the fridge area and saw a carton of milk. I haven’t seen a carton of milk since I moved to Brussels. I picked it up at looked at the side trying to determine what percentage it was. In Canada its easy, they put in gigantic letters 2%, 1% or 0%. I couldn’t figure out the french so I assumed it was 2%.

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Not sure about my decision I went to the back of the shop. There on the shelf, warm and un-refrigerated was the plastic bottles of “milk” I was used to buying and consuming for the past year and some. I know when I see it that I choose the bottle with the blue cap, rather than red or green. I can’t remember what the colors actually represent. I think red is verging on milk paste and the green one is the middle road. I go with the blue, not actually sure what the french words on the bottom of the label mean. Its a purchase of habit.

These plastic bottles of milk have a looooong shelf life, BUT when opened, they only last a few days…ekkk. So paying more than triple the price, I bought the carton of milk, Canada style. When I opened this carton of milk the next morning I knew it was real milk from a cow no whatever “milk-like” substance they use to make the stuff you see on the shelves in all the grocery stores. Considering the price difference between the two of similar size, I’m sure the shelf “milk” is a bad choice (not real).

So I thoroughly enjoyed my morning coffee which was revolutionized with the real milk. I’m even considering drinking a whole glass of milk by itself (something that I rarely did in Canada).

Speaking of milk, I am also dearly missing the Ice Cappuccino. Its cliche but this Canadian misses Tim Horton’s ice caps! A LOT! Not to mention Starbuck’s frappuccinos. MMMMMMMMMmmmm.

Thinking of milk and Tim Horton’s reminded me of this Tim Horton’s commercial I saw a few years ago: