So going around town this weekend I noticed a change in wardrobe. The weather is improving in Brussels. I even put the heavy sweaters in the back of the closet this weekend. I saw quite a few ladies in skirts. What stood out to me in particular was that many girls were wearing kool-aid coloured nylons/leggings/tights (whatever you prefer to call them). I´m not sure why these colours are so popular? I saw one girl with violet nylons, another with turquoise and yet another with bright red nylons.

The one with purple nylons was also wearing a purple shirt, the turquoise-donned girl was wearing a brown dress and the girl with red nylons was wearing a jean skirt. Not only are young ladies wearing these outlandish colours, but I saw a lady who had to be in her 40s wearing a bright purple long felt jacket with black “lacy” nylons and another lady, also probably in her 40s wearing a brown leather jacket, a shorter skirt than I would wear (and I´m in my 20s) with “lacy” nylons. First of all, I thought that only women of a certain “profession” wore lacy fishnet stockings (stockings being yet another word for nylons). Second of all, why are these older women dressing like this? Are they vying for a attention? Are they seeking a husband? Are they deranged?

I´m not trying to be close-minded here, but the sense of style with these nylons is really a mystery to me. I think kool-aid coloured legs would not attract any wanted male attention. To me it kind of makes the girls look like they are from another planet, not to mention that I saw two girls probably 5-7 years old. One little girl was wearing purple nylons with a little dress and the other was wearing pink stripped nylons. Now these little girls can defiantly pull off a cute factor with these colourful nylons, but young women. No.

I´m all about wearing coloured tops and dresses for spring, but coloured legs just doesn´t look right.

So this spring, I might open a Belgian fashion magazine to try to understand where these colours are coming from.

2 thoughts on “Belgian Spring Fashion”

  1. Sounds weird – not much like a cool aid to looking attractive 🙂
    But then, it’s spring. Any color is okay. Even on legs.

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