Ok so usually I don’t even talk about the weather little alone blog about. I’m not one of those people who complains when its too cold or when its too hot. (Its always too cold for me, my preferred temperature is above 25 degrees, 30-32 is ideal). Having lived in Canada my whole life, up until over a year ago, I’ve experienced my fair share of cold days and tornado watches. But the weather in Brussels is truely crazy.

This morning at 7:00am I woke up to the cracking of lightening and rumbling of thunder. Never in my life have I heard these sounds the morning. It was dark enough that I had to turn the lights on in the apartment, which I haven’t had to do since February.

Brussels sky - photo courtesy of Honey Bear

By the time I got to work the sky was starting to break up after a full night of storming and it was only sprinkling. Then at 9:30am the sky went black like someone turned the lights out. The thunder stopped, no lightening just blackness. It was intimidating because hearing nothing and seeing only blackness, you don’t know what’s coming. It felt like the apocalypse was upon us.

As the blackness turned to a light shade of grey, the lightening returned in full force and the white rocks of hail came pelting down. It is still less scary that tornado watches, but it sure does create a mood. Its mother nature saying “don’t you dare mess with me.”

Later in the afternoon around 2:00pm the sun came out and it ended up being 20+ degrees for the rest of the day. I even opened the window and stayed comfortably in my t-shirt. So its officially weirder and much worse weather than the Arctic Chill I experienced in Canada. This makes me hope that the weather will improve because sadly just last week a severe storm killed people attending a rock concert in Belgium and injured many.

If you’re ever looking for a scary setting for a story, make a thunderstorm happen in the morning and have day turn to night.

What’s the weirdest or scariest weather you’ve experienced? 

6 thoughts on “Omnious skies in Brussels”

  1. Ooh not sure about the scariest but I definitely love weather extremes. Thunderstorms are good fun, torrential rain even better, but given the choice, like you, my preferred setting is 25c+. only problem with that is I always feel inclined not to waste that good weather it seems to be so scarce that I do absolutely nothing but read in the garden.

    1. Yeah, I know a lot of people who like thunderstorms. They are pretty, but they’re not some I can say I like. I agree about the scarcity of good weather. I also want to do nothing but lounge in the sun when it makes a good effort to come out.

  2. I haven’t experienced really scary weather. We get thunderstorms most any time and I actually enjoy them. We don’t get much in the way of tornados in Central New York. We did just have an earthquake today though. we had one almost 30 yrs ago when my daughter was an infant, but nothing since then, til today. I was making lunch for my granddaughters in the kitchen when everything started swaying. I seriously thought there was something wrong with me. The girls were quiet. I had been having some slight dizziness from sinus problems and I thought I was experiencing bad dizziness. I called for my husband. Then my eldes granddaughter started crying out of fear. So, I knew it wasn’t me and had to be an earthquake. It only lasted a minute…a long minute. My husband came rushing in and when I said we had an earthquake, he looked at me like I was crazy. He went all over the house to see if one of the floor joists had cracked or isthere was anything going on outside. he didn’t believe me until he turned on the news! I’ll take your morning thunder clappers any time over the strange feeling of an earthquake any day. Oh, the earthquake was a 5.8 in Virginia. They evacuated the Pentagon, it scared them so much!

    1. An earthquake is very scary! I don’t even know what to say, I don’t think “sorry to hear that” is fitting, but I am sorry that you experienced an earthquake and the girls got scared. The thing about earthquakes is that there is no escape. The earth is shaking. At least with thunderstorms, hurricanes and floods you can take cover. With earthquakes, I think your “supposed” to stand in the doorways or at least that’s what I was taught when I was a kid, however for some reason I don’t think that would be my first gut reaction. I hope everyone’s ok.

  3. Hurricane Irene tops my list of scariest weather-related experiences. I don’t think I slept at all that night, listening to the roaring wind (worrying about a tornado, since our area had tornado warnings, too) and watching the torrential rain. A lightning bolt struck the street in front of my neighbor’s house–Wow!! What a crack and burst of light, its impact shaking our house. I’ll never forget this storm, and now you’ve given me an idea of how to use it in my writing. Thanks, Nicole!

    1. A hurricane would be very scary. I can’t even really sleep during a normal thunderstorm. I feel so good that I inspired you somehow. I think that’s a first for me. Thanks Jolyse!!

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