I realized today, because I said it out loud at French class. Yes, I’m taking french class again. sigh. I have lived in Brussels for over a year. One year and two months to be more precise. It sounds like such a long time. Somehow it hit me. What have I accomplished in this year?

1) For starters I figured out how to work in a new job.

2) I have a better idea of European geography. Go ahead, name a city (a relatively large city) and I can tell you what country it is in (I hope) and what countries border it (at least I think I can).

3) I have traveled in six countries.

4) I can understand some words of french. And my parents have told me that I have picked up some sort of accent. (not exactly sure what kind though, one of my colleagues uses the term “EuroEnglish,” which I think fits perfectly).

5) I have adapted to not being able to find the simplest things in a regular grocery store (ex. advil, shower curtain or mascara). These all require a separate store.

And my excuse for whenever something doesn’t make sense or its frustratingly difficult I’ve learned to rationalize: “It’s Belgium”.