To blog or not to blog- that was the question:

Whether ‘tis nobler to use this blog as

a means of increasing personal fortune

or use it as a set of diary entries

and expose them. To blog; to write by hand

No more – and by diary entries we may release

the heartache of a thousand bad days

that is coffee spilt on your new white shirt – ‘tis something

that needs to be dismissed. To blog, to post

to post, perchance to dream. Yes, there´s a dream

that one day your blog may be published,

and what dreams of fame may come.

When deciding what to write about,

I took a pause. There needs to be respect

for the blog writer who shares their life.

For they may bear harsh comments from time to time.

For me ‘tis not wrong, to be proud of writing here regularly,

to communicate to those I love, without the eight-hour time delay.

I come from the office, and let my thoughts churn

I´m patient to let the ideas come forth

when me myself might make

a blog not worth reading? What a crime it would be,

to think and write and edit wearily after work,

only to produce something of no worth.

I let the creative process be born,

for I write of my travels, books, and the puzzles

of living in this new city.

Was I crazy to fly over the ocean to a place I know not of?

My conscience and my heart told me I would survive it all,

And so this Canadian native made a resolution,

to create Uni-Verse-City as a venue for my creativity and thoughts,

An enterprise from which I can seize the moment,

With no regard if the words go awry,

And if unexpected results come from this action.  ̶  So you´ve read now

my fair bloggers! Write in the section below,

for all thy comments I will respond.

This verse is based on Shakespeare’s soliloquy in Hamlet. I have maintained the limit of 36 lines and tried to mimic his words. I was inspired to write this way in response to the blog post To blog or not to blog- that is the question.”

4 thoughts on “What to blog about – that was my question”

  1. I like this. You could probably coin the technical term for placing hyperlinks at the end of lines, it definitely adds a third intellectual dimension to poetry and presumably will soon be adopted by those who tailor their work specifically to E-Readers/online. So be a pioneer – maybe something like Hypernation?

    1. Thats a great idea. Thank you.

      I have coined the term: “verselink” to refer to the hyperlink on one or more words at the end of a line in a poem.

      The term “verselink” was inspired by:

      “This line-break, where a reader has to turn back to the start of the next line, was known in Latin as the versus, which translates as “turn”, and is where the modern English term “verse” comes from.” – source

    1. Thank you for your comment. I was hoping someone familiar with this soliloquy would read it and see how hard I tried to use some of his words.

      I wanted to post them side-by-side but there wasn’t enough room.

      I’m happy you liked it.

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