Welcome Canadian Thursdays, the day of the week when I talk about something or someone you may or may not have known is Canadian.

So this is the first edition of Canadian Thursdays. Being a Canadian who lived in Belgium for 2.5 years, I’ve written a lot about my travels and I will continue to do so. But now that I’m back in Canada, I’m getting back in touch with my “Canadian-ness” and so I’m going to highlight cool things about my home and native land.

Good Day Dr. Muir

Since I wrote about Titanic Belfast on Monday, there was no way I could skip over talking about Kevin Zegers. He is playing the role of Dr. Mark Muir on the TV series currently airing on CBC called “Titanic: Blood and Steel.” Hello history with a side of yum!

Kevin Zegers is a Canadian actor born in Woodstock, Ontario. His grandparents were born in the Netherlands, which may explain his last name, tendency to wear his hair long, and his eyes that are as blue as the Irish Sea the Titanic set sail on. You may recognize him from the Air Bud movies. Yes, he was the cute little boy who played along side the cute basketball-playing golden retriever. Zegers’ first film appearance was at the age of 7 in the comedy titled “Life with Mikey” starring Michael J Fox. If neither of these are ringing any bells, you might have seen him more recently on Gossip Girl or The Big Bang. He’s 28 by the way and living in Toronto ladies!

I think this is his mysterious-model look

I’m glad that he has graduated from child star to rising star with his role in Transamerica, an Academy Award-nominated independent film and his sophisticated role as a Metallurgist (aka Materials Engineer) in “Titanic: Blood and Steel.”

Known as Dr. Muir in the show, Kevin Zegers plays a difficult character with a past that has complicated his future as an employee of Harland and Wolff, which is run by wealthy Protestants. Hint hint, as to one of his difficulties he faces in the show. The series showcases the struggles of workers rights, women’s rights, and those of the Catholic faith, with the Titanic’s construction serving as the backdrop action. I enjoy learning about the history and seeing what was happening during the time when one of the greatest steam-powered ships was being built. It lets me get some more insight into the background information I read about while visiting the Titanic Belfast in Northern Ireland. I also really enjoyed seeing places I’ve been in the TV series. I recognized parts of Dublin and the Botanical Garden in Belfast.

In addition to his film career, Zegers is also a model. His dark hair, striking eyes and cheekbones make watching “Titanic: Blood and Steel” even more entertaining. It might even be hard for the ladies to concentrate on the dialogue and plot sometimes because he wears clothes of the early 20th century and speaks with a not-spot-on, yet still charming, British accent (he is Canadian after all).

Hollywood Style

So did you know Kevin Zegers is Canadian? Are you watching Titanic: Blood and Steel? If so, what do you think so far? (no spoilers please for fellow readers – email me for a more detailed discussion)

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  1. Ooooh, I heard good things about Titanic:Blood and Steel, but I never got a chance to watch it. I did, however, watch “Air Bud” as a kid. Always nice to see when child actors grow up into handsome men!

  2. I guess I may be a bit too old for this post, but I’ll highly recommend it to my daughter, who admires everything Titanic and men with dark hair and sky blue eyes. Welcome back to North America. 🙂

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