So the park isn’t exactly in Brussels. Its a little ways outside of Brussels, so if you’re on a tight travel schedule you could visit one of the other parks in Brussels instead like Bois de la Cambre.

Royal Museum for Central Africa

Tervuren Park is home or is the backyard to the giantic and beautiful African Museum, which is definately worth a visit. It has an impressive display of life-sized animals (stuffed) from Africa, hand tools, musical instruments and heavily beaded and colourful clothing from different regions of Africa.

This park isn’t really for brining a towel and lounging in the sun or bringing a frisbee to throw or ball to kick around like Bois de Cambre or Cinquintinaire Park. In this park, most people walk or bike down the concrete road lined with insanely tall tress. It looks like a nevering ending road and to be honest I’ve never walked far enough to find out just how long it is. There is also what I assume to be some pathways through the trees on the other side of the standing water running through the middle of the long narrow park.

Lots of birdies and fishermen in this park

After a long walk, you can check out the patio/restuarant on which gives you a great view of the long park and the water. I would go for a “coup de glace” (ice cream), but anything you order at this place shouldn’t disappoint. Oh, and don’t be suprised if you see the odd rooster roaming around the patio. I think he lives nearby and comes to take advantage of  all the crumbs.

Rooster…on the patio

Tervuren Park sure makes for an interesting afternoon, but its not really a place to play or do activities for the whole day. Its more of a short relaxing visit type of place.

Have you been to Tervuren Park? The Royal Museum for Central Africa? Have you seen the rooster? What did you think?

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