Beer is cheaper than juice or soda.

A statue of a little boy urinating (Manneken Pis) is the symbol of the city and is dressed up in costumes.

Alcohol is sold everywhere: fast food restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores.

People work on a 24-hour clock. (So 4:00pm is 16:00).

Cashiers sit on a chair instead of standing.

People travel to France, Germany, Netherlands, or England just for the weekend.

Coffee is served in tiny cups and with a small treat like chocolate or a biscuit.

Parking the opposite direction of the traffic is legal.

You can buy a bottle of French wine between 3-5 Euros.

There’s no advertising (billboards) or signs on office buildings.

European keyboards (azerty) are different than American ones (querty).

People push their dogs in a stroller.

Stores close at 6:00pm.

Cars drive on the sidewalk in order to pass oncoming traffic.

Radar detectors are illegal.

They use radiators to heat the buildings instead of central heating.

They don’t have mosquitoes.

Restaurants have patios in the “backyard” of the building.

The 1-cent coin in Euros is smaller than the Canadian penny.