Its only August 30, but it’s also the first week of September.  At work everyone has returned from their vacations, all the kids have got their new backpacks, and university students are going to orientation. The first September after I graduated, I was working on a university campus. So I didn´t feel the itch to go back to school because I still experienced the September Surge of students filling campus and everyone working on building schedules and deadlines for the term to come.

This September (my second since I graduated) still has a certain type of excitement. It’s the end of summer, where everyone is still wearing shorts, skirts and t-shirts. People are still going to patios and having barbeques. Friends are re-uniting and sharing stories from their summer vacations. There is an exciting surge of activity. In general people seem happy to see each other, talking and getting back to work, starting new things and enjoying the last days of warmth (depending on where you live).

But for me, my September is missing the same thrill. I took my vacation in mid-July, so I´ve been back to the office for a long time. I am working on ongoing projects, so not too much is new. The weather has been winter-cold to the point of having to wearing pants, a sweater and a jacket to work. I haven´t purchased any new autumn clothing or any new supplies like a notebook or new pens. But, the walk home is busier. There are more people on the sidewalks, more cyclists, more cars honking.

I´m tempted to visit the nearest university campus just to go have a coffee and feel the vibe. Would it make me more sad that I’m not taking any new classes, buying new textbooks, nor putting all the upcoming papers due throughout the year in my new agenda (yes I did this and loved it)? Or would this atmosphere give me the little lift I´m in need of?

At least I’ve created my own Uni-Verse-City to keep the spirit alive. For all the lucky students out there going to university for the first time, their fourth year or professors going for their 20th year, take advantage of the September Surge. It’s only around for one month a year.

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