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I forgot how quickly Wednesday comes around when you have to think about what you’ve done and blog about. Joining the ROW80 challenge is definitely the way to be accountable for completing my MA project.

The thing is:

When I blog, I think

When I think, I get creative

When I get creative, I want to write creative fiction and/or non-fiction

When I want to write creative pieces, I read.

So last night I started reading a collection of short stories by one of my favourite authors (Meave Binchy, who sadly passed away in 2012). While this may seem counterproductive since reading short stories is not reading literature for my  capstone project, reading fiction actually helps me get ideas. It also serves as the perfect mental break after spending two hours researching. So as of Sunday I have spent a total of over three hours researching literature for my MA project.

Side bar: A fellow ROW80 participant asked in the comments section what a capstone project is and I realize I should have given at least a few sentences explanation. My Master of Arts in Communications and Technology program is designed for people who work full time so instead of writing theses we conduct original research, collect data, and write a report substantial enough that it is comparable to a thesis. A key difference is that we don’t defend it in front of an academic panel, but it goes through a review process instead. 

Searching for academic articles on a topic that has not yet been researched widely is HARD.

I was all “I’m going to do a research project nobody has done before” and thought I was so smart for wanting to contribute original research into the field.

The problem is when there’s no research, you have to take research that has one thing in common with your topic and re-appropriate it to fit. It is the art of twisting research to be applicable and I basically have to argue why it’s relevant. Ok there was one study done one time by one lady and it is definitely useful, but one academic reference is not acceptable for a capstone project. I need probably +/- 30 references! So the progress on my literature review is slow so far.

What’s my project about? Well, I’m researching book trailers. A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book, kind of like a movie trailer.

A friend of mine sent me this gem of a book trailer. So far it’s my favourite.

*Warning there is explicit language in this video*

My analysis of why it works:

  • It’s funny – explicit language used humorously (e.g. it also uses my favourite phrase for this ROW80 challenge: “getting your shit together”)
  • It’s familiar – it uses a typical medical commercial format
  • It’s relatable – “who has the time to go shopping for exotic ingredients?” Right!
  • It’s useful – it tells you that this cookbook explains cooking in a way that the average person can understand and it can lead to a healthier lifestyle, “looking fly” and “being skilled in the kitchen”

The friend who sent it to me said: “I’m going to go buy this book tomorrow”. Now that’s what I call a successful piece of video marketing for a book.

Have you watched a book trailer? If so, which one is your favourite? Share the link with me in the comments section please!

5 thoughts on “Best book trailer ever?”

  1. The commercial is great. I love the ironic contrast of the calm music, homely tone and the straight talking language. Whoever worked this out had their sh*t together. I don’t even like cookbooks and I’m considering buying the book.

    1. They totally had their sh*t together! I’m also considering buying it even though I don’t need anymore books since I have no shelf space left. Books are stacked all over my place, they’re practically ornaments/decorations.

  2. I LOVE this. SO very much. My Accomplice in Mischief is a chef. He’s asleep right now, but I plan on sharing this with him – he’s gonna love it.

    And add me to the list of people interested in buying this book! =D

    I’ve seen a few book trailers, but this one blows them all waaaay out of the water! Brilliant!

    I also find that reading and writing and doing other things help me in ways that might not seem obvious. So much of any good writing is in the connections between disparate things. I’ve learned to trust it- mostly thanks to ROW80.

    I’d love to hear more about the specifics of your research!

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