Belgium Moments: Slagroom and Battle Royale

In the last week, I have some memorable – what I have deemed – Belgium moments because only these things can happen in Belgium. The first moment is my favorite. Its been an amazingly nice week of weather. That’s right, in Belgium you get nice weather (20+) in March and September, but wet greyness in […]

Brussels hot spot: Tervuren Park

So the park isn’t exactly in Brussels. Its a little ways outside of Brussels, so if you’re on a tight travel schedule you could visit one of the other parks in Brussels instead like Bois de la Cambre. Tervuren Park is home or is the backyard to the giantic and beautiful African Museum, which is definately worth […]

Brussels Tourism: Atomium

The Atomium is one of the “attractions” that I would recommend skipping if your on a tighter traveling schedule. Yes its nice and somewhat interesting, but I’d have to say its more impressive on the outside than inside. Its better to take a photo in front of the Atomium, admire its shininess and then go […]