Its August and everyone is starting to come back from vacation, parents and kids are preparing for school and the immanent frenzy of September is upon us….in another week.

So make use of every last day of sun. Go out for drinks after work, even if its Monday night. Sit on a patio, feel the warmth on your face, wear your sunglasses and talk about nothing. Not your workday or what things you have to get done. Talk about your favorite TV shows, movies, favorite foods. Anything that makes you smile and feel relaxed.

Listen to summer tunes like this one. In fact push play while you read the rest of this post:

Go for a drive, roll your windows down and turn the tunes way up. If anyone in the 5 o’clock traffic jam gives you a look, smile back, wave hello and start dancing in your car. There’s a high chance they will smile back.

Have a BBQ. Take your dog for a walk. Go to festivals, see the street performers and eat mini donuts. Get carbo-loaded to the point where you wouldn’t dare to put on your swimsuit because hey beach bodies are already on their way out right?

In Canada, the September long weekend is coming up in one week, which means that the labour force is supposed to celebrate and let loose. So if you can’t go away somewhere for the weekend, take a day trip, or even just get out there are go to the park. Go out to eat, treat yourself to whatever it is that summer means for you. Go for ice cream! Get ice cappuccinos or margaritas or all three, in the same day, everyday.

I know that I’m up for everything listed here and I’m going to keep enjoying summer until I have to dig out my winter jacket.

The first day of fall is September 22nd, so celebrate summer until the very last day!

Here’s another song for some summerspiration (translatation = summer inspiration).

What’s your summerspiration? Your favorite thing to do in summer? Your favorite summer beverage?

6 thoughts on “Summerspiration – Live it up because summer is NOT over!”

  1. Hi Nicole! This is my kind of post. Like you, I’ll enjoy every moment of summer and stay in the summer frame of mind until winter chill takes over. We’re planning a camping trip and barbeque in the Adirondacks next weekend and will continue to visit the beach and enjoy our heated pool in the backyard as long as we can.

    Favorite summer drink? One’s the margarita, of course. My new favorite summer libation, however, is a concoction my husband created for me at the start of the season. We mix pink lemonade with a shot of scotch over ice. Yum!

    Enjoy the rest of the season, Nicole. Love your blog’s new look, too. 🙂

    1. I actually thought of you while writing this post because mentioning margaritas made me think of your summer-filled blog. I just might have to try your husband’s concoction. I think it needs a name though. Sounds like you’ve got some solid plans for the rest of summer. 🙂

  2. My favorite summer activity is probably going to the beach. I didn’t get to go much this summer, though. I’m hoping to squeeze another visit in soon before the warm weather dissipates. Great ideas!

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