Dr. Nicole Basaraba

Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities, TCD

Nicole Basaraba


Over preparing for vacation/ROW80 check in

So I made the mistake of telling my colleagues at work that I’m packing this weekend for my upcoming vacation. Yes, packing is a normal thing to do before your vacation, but I did mine 4 days in advance. My colleague’s response was “you’re packing all week?” I’d have to say that it was a

Ladies and gents time to visit Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, is a flemish city, which spelled in the native language is Gent, but pronounced like gent not jents. Anyways, every summer in July Ghent has a huge festival, this year its between the 16-25 of July. The festival takes up most of the space in the city center. With booths lining the streets with