Best book trailer ever?

Thug Kitchen Cookbook

I forgot how quickly Wednesday¬†comes around when you have to think about what you’ve done and blog¬†about. Joining the ROW80 challenge is definitely the way to be accountable for completing my MA project. The thing is: When I blog, I think When I think, I get creative When I get creative, I want to write creative fiction and/or non-fiction When I want to write creative pieces, I read. So last…

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Participate in a Book Trailer Survey

Have you ever watched a book trailer? Have you thought, hey this is a great idea? Or hmmm do people really watch these? Well now’s the time to find out! As a graduate student at the University of Alberta in the Master of Arts in Communications and Technology program, I am working with Professor Jessica Laccetti on a research project about book trailers. I want to know, do readers like…

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Book Trailers – Social Media Marketing

Welcome to writing/communications Wednesday.Today’s post addresses a topic from my New Media Narratives (COMM 597) course for my Master of Arts in Communications and Technology degree. The question that inspired me to discuss book trailers was: “What are some current views about the emergence and diffusion of media?” in relation to the topic of publishing history. The book trailer is something I’ve known about for a few years. I saw…

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