Make it chocolate covered for Valentine’s Day

Since I won’t be in Belgium this Valentine’s Day, and I won’t be able to get the usual Cote D’Or or Neuhaus I so enjoy, I started thinking about the chocolate options in Alberta, Canada. (Read more about my take on Belgian chocolate here). Cadbury and Ritter Sport rank rather high on my chocolate scale […]

October Fall back – ROW80 Check in

So yesterday was “set-the-clocks back” day here in Brussels. And what does that mean? That means and extra hour to steal for yourself to relax, read, watch a movie and procrastinate writing right? Last week‘s ROW80 check in, I mentioned that I had a lot of plotting to do. Well I spent Monday and Tuesday […]

Confessions on Confections

I have to confess that even though I live in Belgium, I think I like confections almost as much as chocolate. Except for chocolate covered almonds, I LOVE those. Although, I haven’t seen/found them in Belgium yet. (If you want to know more about Belgian chocolate, which I also like, you can see this post). Living […]

A Tourist’s Guide to Belgian chocolate

Belgian chocolate. Everyone around the world has heard of its reputation, but when visiting Belgium, how do you know what type of chocolate to buy for your friends and family back home? How can you tell the good from the “bad”, if there is such thing as “bad” Belgian chocolate? I didn’t want to even attempt ranking belgian […]