So yesterday was “set-the-clocks back” day here in Brussels. And what does that mean? That means and extra hour to steal for yourself to relax, read, watch a movie and procrastinate writing right?

Last week‘s ROW80 check in, I mentioned that I had a lot of plotting to do. Well I spent Monday and Tuesday evening mapping out the second half of the novel. It went pretty well because I already had a basic outline and I know how to story ends. The only problem is looking at the current more-detailed outline, my novel looks a little front end heavy in terms of slow progress up and up to the top of the peak and then the second half is like a rollercoaster ride down to the bottom.

There are a few gaps between some major scenes, which I will need to fill in as I go along. Something happened this week that I didn’t expect. First of all I plotted everything out, which I knew I would finish, but in addition to this I wrote 4,400 words, which is only 600 shy of my weekly goal. It did not feel like I wrote this much, but when I checked the word count, voila! So it was an unexpectedly productive week in addition to the fact that I had multiple social engagements during the week and on the weekend. Maybe plotting gets me into warp writing mode?

Anyways, I hope everyone has a nice Halloween or is still having a nice Halloween. I know I loaded up on the chocolate and candy corn (homemade). With all I accomplished this week, maybe I will reward myself with a movie tonight…after I finish the last 600 words. If you’re looking for some good scary movies for Halloween, check out my Johnny-Depp-a-thon post from Friday.

So did you procrastinate at all this week or this weekend? If so, did it happen to be a chocolate-related or Halloween-related reason that got in the way?

26 thoughts on “October Fall back – ROW80 Check in”

  1. I really like the way you’ve talked about your plotting. I’m a real planner too and I’m currently starting to assemble my next story. I love this part. I love analyzing where the gaps are and how to make it better. It inspires me to write.
    Good luck with finishing off your 600 words. I hope you got there :)… and I hope you enjoyed some chocolate along the way 🙂

    1. Thanks for the nice comment Melissa. I’m also reading books on how to become a better plotter. Can’t wait to start the next book with all my new knowledge. 🙂

  2. Great job this week! That’s a lot of plotting down, and I’ve done the same thing when I really dig into plotting. I always end up writing some as well. Good luck on the remaining word count:)

  3. Good job ROWsis! It is lovely when your word count is higher then you expect and glad the plotting is going well. I am sorry I have been a bit absent and I will keep in touch during NaNo when hopefully all I will be doing is writing!!!

    Have a lovely evening and enjoy the extra hour! It couldn’t have fallen on a better day for me!

    1. Thanks Em. I’d have to say I feel like I didn’t make the most of my extra hour. I a like to leave the clocks an hour ahead until the afternoon and then it really feels like you gain an hour. If you change the clocks when you wake up…makes not much difference.

      Anyways, good luck with the last day of NaNo prep! I’m cheering you on.

  4. While I’m jazzed about your ROW80 progress, I am COMPLETELY impressed that you can make your own Candy Corn! Recipe please. 🙂

    p.s. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Thanks Jenny! The candy corn recipe I used isn’t the best. Maybe I’ll search for a popcorn ball recipe for next time. I will try to find the link for you anyways, I found the recipe on the internet.

  5. Aww Jenny said it – I had NO IDEA you could make homemade Candy Corn. And being completely addicted to candy corn, this is exciting news lol. Glad you had such a productive week, and good luck for next week!

  6. Yup, echoing Lauren and Jenny — I was totally jazzed about your progress, and then saw this aside about homemade candy corn. The recipe, we must have it!

    I’m so impressed with your plotting progress. I’ve never really sat down and plotted a novel before this NaNo prep, and the whole process is fascinating. I love seeing what you’ve been able to do.

    Have a great week, Nicole!

    1. I think novel plotting is empowering. It basically demolishes the myth of writer’s block and enables you to write the book much faster and hopefully with fewer rewrites needed. 🙂

      I’ll be cheering for you for NaNo!

  7. Great job on your wordcount! Sometimes it feels like you have to fight for even 500 words, other times it just flows out. I’m always amazed when it comes easy. Keep up the good work and hope you have a great week (and Halloween).

    1. Oh I KNOW about the fighting for the word count. I’m more of a sprinter and I write tons and then nothing. So I’m trying to spread it out and be the tortoise that wins the race. 🙂

  8. isn’t it great when you find you’ve done more than you thought – well done – I asked about candy corn when i first ventured into cyberspace and saw it mentioned on FB – sounds too sweet for me but enjoy

    all the best for this coming week

    1. It was very nice to find out I did more than I thought…either that or I calculated wrong.

      Yes candy corn is quite sweet. Its basically sugar and butter on popcorn.

  9. Woot woot – congrats on your amazing progress and goals!!! You are kicking butt and I am super excited for you with all your plotting progress and word count success. Look at you – total inspiration! 🙂 Keep it up!!!

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