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This is excessively large not to mention...tacky.

Ok ladies this post is for you, but for any men reading this it may explain a lot about the female psyche. Do you ever leave the house without your purse on purpose? What would a girl ever do that you ask? Well the number one reason is that you are going to a bar or club. You don’t need your entire purse, just your ID, cell, and cash, and for some ladies, reinforcements such as lipstick. Another reason, would be that you are going somewhere close by just to pick up something like milk or you’re going to a place where a purse would be very inconvenient to carry around. Or you’re like me and you have a rather large purse. Not one of those duffle bag-sized ones, but it’s not a small shoulder bag.

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This is a decent sized purse for daily use.

Anyways, so you leave your purse at home thinking that you won’t need anything else from it and then you find yourself in the most horrible situation where you need: a pen, a Band-Aid, hand cream, a ponytail/hairclip, a sprits of perfume, or even a light snack. Yes, for any of the men reading, women carry everything in their bags. It’s practically a survival kit. It also great because you can put stuff in it. Like if you go to a festival and you buy a souvenir, what do you do? Put in your purse. You buy a bottle of water, what do you do? Put it in your purse. You get free swag, what do you do? Put it in your purse.

So basically girls can’t leave home without their purse because it’s our survival kit and the extra space for carrying things comes in handy all the time.

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Now this one is a good size for a night out.

This is why ladies may go to the trouble of having multiple purses. We don’t want to take the big one to a concert or to a BBQ. So we will buy a smaller one, that matches our outfit of course, and we will transfer the necessities from our main purse to this one. Men may think that we buy 10 purses because we are shopaholics or have a “thing” for purses, but this isn’t the full truth. We NEED these purses for different purposes (i.e. different occasions and events). And I’m sure the guy instantly stops complaining about the purse when their lady willingly puts his wallet, keys, a beer, and a little snack inside for him.

So when thinking about whether you need to bring your purse. The answer is always yes.

This post was inspired by today’s predicament of switching to a larger purse for an extended weekend trip. In the transfer, I forgot my handcream. Now I’m creamless for the entire 5-day weekend.

Ladies have you ever left your house without your purse, and needed something from it? What was the thing you needed?
And for the men, what things has your girlfriend/wife/sister etc. kindly put in her purse for you?

4 thoughts on “The purse: the female survival kit”

  1. Hi Nicole – I have one one of those purse organizers that has all my essentials. When I change purses I just move it from one purse to another – with everything in it. It’s worked so far!

  2. Oh my, I had the same incident yesterday. I switched to the smaller bag leaving behind the baby paraphernalia that I inevitably lug everywhere. I was out for the night, the babysitters had arrived, what could possibly go wrong? Hmmm, I got sauce on my top and no baby wipes! My evening was ruined! I’m going to stick with the big everything bag from now on!!

    1. Switching to a smaller purse is always risky. I think you win this one though, getting sauce on your shirt is much worse than not having hand cream. But both incidents require shopping: nice smelling hand cream and a new shirt. 🙂

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