I happen to be taking the ROW80 tagline “the writing challenge that knows you have a life” pretty seriously today. I don’t really know what happened this week. I always start off well on Monday’s and then somehow every other day of the week seems to have something getting in the way (and this includes the “not-being-in-the-mood” excuse, exhaustion and after-work social engagements). All of these came into play this week.

Frankfurt Book Fair grounds (2011)

So what’s my progress? We’ll I wrote 2,800 words towards my WIP. Last week I did about 4,000 and both of these numbers as below my 5,000 word goal.

I did keep up with my blogging goals and I also did some craft book reading. I’ve included these two things in my goals just because I think they are related to writing, but they aren’t actually goals I need because I know I will achieve them.

So I’m thankful for Kait Nolan’s genius tagline because I’m throwing it out there as what happened to me this week.

On some more positive notes of what else happened this week:

  1. I went to the Frankfurt Book Fair yesterday! It was lots of fun and very interesting. I plan to post a blog on my visit on Wednesday.
  2. Alberta Ross is announcing the prize winners from her book tour and one of the commenters on her guest post on my blog is a winner!
  3. Jenny Hansen, my partner in hosting the infamous ROW80 Twitter party on Oct. 5th, and I have finally collected and decided on our top picks for the ROW80 party blog and photo contest. Hop over to Jenny’s blog to check out all the fun and vote for your favorite photos.
Hopefully I can organize my life better this week to get in more writing time. Maybe even to the point where I run out of plot, which is in about 3 chapters.

29 thoughts on “The writing challenge that knows you have a life: ROW80”

  1. My lovely ROWsis, glad you had a good time in Frankfurt and I look forward to hearing more!
    I know your word count is not as high as you would like but sometimes life throws up opportunities and we need to take them!

    Here is to a successful week!

    1. Hey ROWsis,

      I like how you say life throws up opportunities that we have to take. Makes going to the book fair seem exactly that. I did see it as an opportunity and I decided to go for it!

  2. Hey Nicole. We all have “life” and that’s what ROW80 takes into account. Make adjustments and keep moving forward. Good job, and Rock The ROW!!! ~clink~

  3. You had a great week regardless of the 5000 word goal. Progress is progress, and you should be proud. Looking forward to hearing about your trip to the book fair. Keep up the good work!

  4. You rock, pure and simple. Sometimes we don’t get the wordcounts on the page, but underneath words are piling up, ready and waiting for you to have quality time at the keyboard. I remember when doing challenges like this the wise words of Louisa May Alcott: “First live, then write.”

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Andrew.

      I like hearing the the goal is high because that means even if I write some its ok. I will try to work harder this week to make the 5,000 mark because in ROW80 Round 3 it cam much easier….although I was at the beginning of the book and now I’m approaching the middle.

  5. Go, Nicole! You’ve been a fine co-host and you’re doing great at your goals. Part of it all is filling the well. I can’t wait to hear about that book fair!! I always adore your pictures.

  6. Good for you, Nicole. You wrote, and 2800 is an achievement–more than I accomplished. I didn’t have a can’t-miss-this one Frankfurt Book Fair in my week.

    Your post on Wednesday, with all of the pics and history, was an adventure to read.

    I hope Julie is right–that the words build up beneath the surface. I hope they’re waiting to spew forth on my WIP. Waiting, waiting, waiting…

    Whoop! Perhaps I should open my WIP. Words can’t “spew forth” without a path from brain to screen. Writing, writing, writing…

    Have a great weekend. I’ll look for your post on Wednesday. I plan to update my Row80 later today. I’m giving myself extra time to get as close as I can. Deadlines are great motivators for me.

    1. Hi Gloria,

      Thanks for the encouragement. I think I need to be a bit stricter with myself this week. First two weeks were a no go with the goals so here’s to discipline!

      I’m happy to hear you enjoy my other posts. 🙂

  7. hey nicole – glad you aren’t being too hard on yourself. 6800 words is nothing to scoff at! congrats on all your progress.

    looking forward to your post on the frankfurt book fair!

    cheers, gina

  8. Great work on your goals this week. And that word count you did hit is impressive, keep it up! I have decided to focus on time i spend writing as opposed to word count, because I always beat myself up if I don’t hit that number. When I tell myself to ‘write x amount of minutes per day’ (or week) I usually end up blowing whatever word count i would have had out of the water! Good luck this week and here is to kicking word count butt!!

    1. That’s a good plan Kat. I think I will try to work on my WIP at least for a little bit each night and see how that works out. Good you found a technique that works for you!

  9. The book fair sounds like a great time, love book fairs! I wouldn’t worry about the word count sometime things just have to brew a bit before a steady flow comes. Have a great coming week 🙂

    1. Thanks Gene. The book fair was fun and interesting and enlightening so definitely worth it. Maybe I can go as far to say it was “writer development time”. 🙂

  10. Woot woot – take the win! No 2800 is not 5000 but like many before me have said, progress IS progress and that’s a win. I think investing time reading craft books, although can’t be quantified as word count, is just as important and valuable. Maybe your 2800 words are better quality because of it! Same with blogging – it all adds to your creativity and inspiration so keep at it. You are doing great and just gearing up steam for the week ahead!

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