Being back in Canada after having lived in Belgium and traveled Europe for over two years, I’m happy to be presenting and sharing my experiences at the University of Alberta’s International Week today.

Looking back at the photos of all the places I’ve been made me realize that I took a LOT of pictures and that I remember each city vividly. It makes me want to go back and re-visit all the places I have been. As part of my presentation, to show the excitement of travel while living abroad, I created a video of photos from the major cities I visited. It was one of the hardest tasks to choose only ONE photo from each city, so I think there are a few that I had to include two photos from.

I traveled to many places by car, including LondonStonehenge, Prague and Karlovy Vary! So on the road trips there were many villages and other places I passed through or stopped at briefly. These lesser-known spots were not included in the video (a) because I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of the town especially because it was in the native language of the country (b) that would make for an extremely long video.

So here it is, two and a half years of snapshots from my time spent in Europe:

What’s your favourite European city? Is there somewhere shown in the video you’re dying to visit?

2 thoughts on “Traveling Europe – A Chron-nicoles tour”

  1. Loved the video, Nicole! There were several cities I’m not familiar with. Italy is the top European country I’d like to visit, but the U.K. is also right up there. Ireland looks especially intriguing. Beautiful pics!

    1. Thanks Julie! Yeah Italy is on my “must-have-a-lot-of-money-and-do-it-right” list. I got to see a lot of Belgium, Ireland and Romania, visiting multiple cities and villages. I’d like to do the same in Italy.

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