So this morning was a little different than most Sunday mornings. Rather than waking up at 6 or 7am because of the biological clock, it was a pleasant surprise to look at the blurry clock at 8:45am. Hallelujah! A nice gift it was.

Then after showering and eating breakfast, I went to get some milk from the fridge for my coffee. The light was out.

Damn” I said, “the fridge light is out. We’ll need to buy a new bulb.”

My Prince says “wait a second, maybe the power is out.”

This thought didn’t occur to me and he checked it out. He tried to put the toaster button down to check. He was right. the power was out. We proceeded to try to turn things on. Me the oven and the microwave and him the lights in the entranceway. No power.

Living in Belgium for over a year and half, these type of things are not that unusual. What is unusual is the short interval between Thursday night’s fire alarm annoyance and today’s power outage. (If you missed Friday’s post of what happened to on Thursday night, you can have a laugh and read it here).

We checked the breaker and it was in fact “kicked” as the Canadian’s say (not sure how other people call it when the little switch thingy flips down). Now normally this would be a big problem in itself, especially as we just filled the fridge and the freezer full of groceries yesterday. It was an even bigger problem because its Sunday and on Sunday’s Brussels pretty much shuts down completely. All stores save for maybe 3 small grocery stores are closed. That means all of our food would go bad…

So going down to the dark, muggy, ant-infested basement, My Prince figures out the problem. He explained that the switch thingy that gives the power to our apartment was ok, but he followed the cord and found that it was disconnected or something further up. Of course he explained it a little more technically than I can.

So dinner is still on as normal tonight, which is good. I just hope that nothing else weird starts happening in the next days or I’ll start thinking that I’ve come into a bad luck streak or something.

In other news, I met my weekly goal for ROW80. Whooo hooo! This week, I wrote/edited 5, 987 words. My weekly goal is 5,000 words so now I have a stock pile of 987 words to carry over into my vacation period. As mentioned in last week’s check-in, I can’t say that I’ve written all the 5, 987 words. I would say that 80% is edited material from my first attempt at draft 1 of my WIP. The other 20% I wrote as filler between scenes and adding more to the scenes I already had.

So far, I’m feeling ok about my ROW80 progress. How’s it going for everyone else? What did you do this Sunday/weekend? Any stories to share?

14 thoughts on “Weird things are a happening – ROW80 check in”

  1. Power issues are my favorite. We live in a little slice of rural near a city. Storms, wind, squirrels and one badly constructed electric company repair have caused power outages over the past year. One included a lovely spark shower that made a neighbor decide it was time to sell and move. Glad it worked out for you in the end, its very hard to function in the modern world without power.

    Great job on your goal. It doesn’t matter where the words are coming from, editing or writing, so long as progress is being made. Keep up the excellent work 🙂

  2. Ahh yes, I used to live in a rural area too when I was in Canada. And you’re totally right about no power and the modern world. Thanks for the nice comment on my goal. I think I will feel like I’m cheating until I get to Act II of my book, where I will have to start generating only fresh words, and no recycling anymore.

  3. Great progress this week, good job. By the way, in America, circuit breaker switches are “tripped.” So you would say, “I plugged in too many cords and tripped the circuit breaker.”

  4. I lived for years in a small town in rural Texas where power outages were common. A neighbor complained they always happened when she was watching her soap operas. She had the idea the electric co-op was targeting her personally.

  5. The same type of thing happened to my family. Whenever we were watching a good movie or something the pouring rain would knock the satellite out right when the good part was coming up.

  6. Weird things ARE happening, Nicole! We had our internet out for most of the day over here. All the power in the world and NO internet. It’s amazing how much we depend on that connection.

    My ROW80 goals are doing better than last week and I LOVE hearing that yours are going so well. Keep going!!

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