Hello and Welcome to The Chron-nicoles!!

I started the Uni-Verse-City Blog back in August 2010, about seven months after I had moved to Brussels, Belgium to live and work. I wanted to keep a blog for a number of reasons: I wanted to write, and it was also a great way to show and tell my family and friends back home what I was up to. But the best bonus of all about was getting to know the lovely community of bloggers and readers!

The Chron-nicole’s Blog will have the same topics as Uni-Verse-City Blog: travel, culture, lifestyle, and literature. It will chronicle my (Nicole) adventures and experiences = The Chron-nicoles. Over the years I expanded my blog’s content and it will continue to grow. For example, you can check out my Speaking page to preview what’s coming.

I will write about:

  • Travel (on Mondays)
  • Writing and literature (on Wednesdays)
  • It’s Canadian/Cultural reviews (on Thursdays)
  • Lifestyle pieces on fashion, holidays, city living, etc. (on Fridays)

The best way to follow The Chron-nicole’s Blog is to subscribe via email (see subscription box at the top of the right-hand sidebar).

You can also follow me on my Facebook page and Twitter.

So please subscribe by email to keep receiving/following my blog posts. Feel free to say a quick hello by commenting below or tweeting about the new website, so I know that you’ve made it over here!  

Thank you to all my fabulous readers and I look forward to interacting with all of you here at Uni-Verse-City’s new home!

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