So I’ve been bad. Bad probably since about March 2012. It haven’t been completely abstaining from writing, but I sure have taken my time to:

  1. take a break from fiction writing
  2. think about new fiction ideas
  3. debate whether or not to edit novel #1
  4. move back to Canada
  5. get full-time employment in Canada
  6. settle back into Canadian lifestyle.
Charles Thurber's 1845 "writing machine" from
Charles Thurber’s 1845 “writing machine” via

I’ve posted a blog here and there, but I’m ready to write regularly again. I missed it and everyone in the blogosphere!

To not be too hard on myself because moving overseas, even if it was back home, was time consuming and stressful, and I have also launched this new website!

Writing operates like a machine. I don’t think you can go as far to say, “if you don’t use it, you loose it,” because I don’t feel like that’s the case. But maybe the machine does become rusty and the gears turn a little slower.

With the coming of 2013 and the first Round of Words in 80 days session starting, I feel like my machine is working over-time in a good way to catch up because it has been rather stagnant. It’s almost as if some pressure was built up and now it’s full steam ahead.

As for my goals for this round:

  • Blog at least twice a week because that’s an achievable goal. Three times would be better.
  • Bring all my old friends from Uni-Verse-Cityย and make new friends over here at The Chron-nicoles.
  • Work on career-building projects (such as presentations)
  • Plot a new book, but first this involves choosing an idea
  • Work at least 30-60 minutes on one of the above daily

Do you have any goals for the new year? How are you strategizing concrete steps to reach these goals?

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5 thoughts on “Writing Daily – Keeping the machine well oiled”

  1. Great goals, my dear!! So glad to have you back around, and EXTREMELY excited about the evening #wipvanquish #teamsprinty plans. I think it’s going well so far. My concrete steps are in the form of a huge battleplan for the year. We’ll see how it goes. All the best for your Round 1 goals!

  2. Love the new look, Nicole! Welcome back to North America.

    I’m in ROW80 again as well. I look forward to see you around and cheering you on! My goals are mostly editing, with some reading and writing of course.

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new place. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I’m looking forward to achieving some goals. I just need to buckle down and make sure I do an hour a day.

  3. Writing down daily tasks and mini-goals helps here too. By keeping track of things, you’ll quickly recognize when you’ve slipped up, making it easier to refocus and recommit to your goal. So instead of feeling discouraged, you can know exactly where you got off track and why.

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