So today is my last day of vacation. I didn’t think I would ever say it, but its probably a good thing in some sense. I know, I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out.

Only the appetizers

Firstly, been consuming far too many good “bad” foods. Like cafe frappes, cake, chocolate, fried food, oily food, greasy meats and lots of bread. Did I mention I’m in Romania? Anyways, my digestive system will thank me for the non-mineral water and the more vegetables and fruits I plan to eat to make up for a two week hiatus.

Just a small BBQ for 8 people
upside down soft pretzel - Covrig

Secondly, I was successful on at least two accounts to actually not know what day it was. I call it a success because you really know you are relaxed when you don’t know if its Tuesday or Wednesday or if its the 9 or 10 of August. Thus I have relaxed a lot and it might be ok to get my schedule back.

Third, I haven’t written at all on my work in progress. Yes, its shocking my word count is ZERO this week (weekly goal being 5, 000). Yeah, I didn’t even open my novel. I though I would feel guilty, neglectful or some other bad feeling. What I actually feel is lazy. I haven’t “worked” for over 8 eight days. I haven’t really blogged (which is writing too and requires some work), I haven’t been at my day job = no work and I haven’t even cooked or cleaned. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

So tomorrow my flight is too early in the morning (8am) thus requiring a 5:00am wake up. But that means I get home just after lunchtime and I will:

  1. Unpack my suitcases
  2. Wash laundry
  3. Clean the house a bit
  4. Go through zillions of photos taken on vacation (and probably plan blog posts while I do this)
  5. Try to write at least one scence for my work in progress (even though I know its a long one coming up)

In reality, I will probably unpack, start one load of laundry because I have to and then finish the evening off eating pizza at the restaurant down the street and drinking a glass of red wine. But I will get back into the groove. I will!

Is there anyone in the history of ROW80 ZERO words per week? Am I setting a very bad record? (I hope not).

9 thoughts on “Last day of vacation and ROW80 check in”

  1. I am glad to hear you didn’t feel bad about taking a break, you will no doubt feel so much better for it when you get back into your normal routine! My friends have been staying with me for the weekend, had grand plans for today but very few have actually come true!

    Have a great week1

  2. Ah, heaven…a vacation where you forget! That alone is worth it. And you say you haven’t written, you’re wrong, I just read a great blog! Good Luck.

  3. I’m happy you had such a relaxing vacation. And the foodie in me appreciates all the photos you included in this post. But my favorite part is your “theory” vs. “reality” of what you’ll acoomplish that first day home. Sounds like me.

    As for the ZERO words, don’t worry. Your brain has been percolating and you will make up for that time off.

    Welcome home!

    1. There we zillions of photos with food and these were the easiest ones to locate in a quik search.

      So far I’ve unpacked, started laundry, cleaned house a bit and got pizza and wine for dinner. We will see how the rest of the day pans out. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

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