I’ve picked up my game on the reading front with another fiction book started and a craft book that I’m just about halfway through. I already know I will re-read this craft book again. I’ve also been reading lots of blogs and commenting when possible (i.e. when Blogger lets me).


Good news: The blogging series on genres is coming together nicely! February is booked and March is booked save for one spot. There are going to be some amazing guests who I will be announcing on Wednesday (25 January).

So I’ve been keeping up with the weekly sprinting every weekday. I’ve been doing well enough where I’d say my goals are being accomplished at a rate of around 80-90%.  I had to miss Wednesday’s writing sprint due to a major day-long headache, but I made up for it on Thursday writing for an extra half hour after the sprint. I have to keep better track of where I’m at each Sunday because I can’t calculate my word count for the week. I think its around the 4,000 mark.

The #row80 is a great place to hangout on Twitter, with people posting their word counts and the hilarity that ensues when you get a bunch of writers together.

So I present to you “Overheard on the ROW“:

Writing oopsies:

@Emwantstowrite: Just wrote ‘as her legs snaked up around his neck’ when I meant arms. Would have been a very different scene if I hadn’t noticed!

– this one caused a chain of conversation that I won’t re-post in full here.


Plot & Structure:

@laurengarafalo: Oh yes, nerves, and that pesky thing known as ‘plot’ or ‘structure’.

@LenaCorazon: I laugh in the face of plot and structure, who needs friends like them?

Writing Progress:

@NicoleBasaraba: So when do all us #row80 folk share our finished WIPs with each other? Round 1 2014?

@LenaCorazon: Ummm, yeah. That is prob when mine will be finished, lol!

@laurengarafalo: That sounds about right to me LOL! #row80

Inspirational advice:

  •  @laurengarafalo: Fake it till ya make it!!! @NicoleBasaraba @juliejordanscot @stacygreen26 #row80

The #ROW80 Twitter Party Anthem made a re-appearance:


@laurengarafalo: I do not know this shuffling song?!?! @stacygreen26 @juliejordanscot

@juliejordanscot: @LenaCorazon You have never heard the “SHUFFLING SONG?” LOL. 2011’s #2 song! @NicoleBasaraba @laurengarafalo @stacygreen26

@laurengarafalo: This is what happens when you haven’t listened to music on radio for like um 2 years! @juliejordanscot @stacygreen26 #row80

@NicoleBasaraba: The shufflin… is the #row80 Twitter Party Anthem: youtu.be/KQ6zr6kCPj8

@laurengarafalo: …am so going to teach myself that dance! Will be my presprint warm up! @LenaCorazon @NicoleBasaraba #teamsprinty #row80

For those of you who may not know it, here is the #ROW80 Party Anthem/pre-sprint warm-up song “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO:

There has also been a lot of talk about #teamsprinty t-shirts. So please feel free to join #teamsprinty on the #ROW80 hashtag. The more participants and conversation we have, the more quotes we can gather for t-shirts.

32 thoughts on “Overheard on the #ROW80”

  1. Flippin marvellous post! Totally missed out on this Twitter party thats been going on. I’m so Tweet inept. I have also been away on hols for a week! This video is hilarious! This would make a great workout song – if I did such things 🙂 Good join to you. You sound on course. Bravo. X

    1. Haha. Well we epic Twitter party actually took place in October 2011, but we’ve been having good times on the #row80 hashtag in this round. I also think the video is hilarious. 🙂 thanks for stopping by, hope to see you around the interwebs.

  2. LOL. You guys crack me up with the shuffling. You should check out their video for “Sexy and I Know It.” You’ll laugh your butt off! And I do want to participate in the series – just replied to your email.

    Keep up the good work:)

    1. I’ve heard the song “Sexy and I know it” AND watched the video once, but I think I just might have to go watch it again now. Thanks for being part of the blog series. I’ve already written up the announcement and you’re in it. 🙂

  3. Lovely post, Nicole!! I’ve had so much fun during the sprints. I almost have to block out 1.5 to 2 hours for them because we have such a good time before and after LOL. I am making some darn shirts as soon as I feel better!! Thank you so much for introducing us…or re-introducing us to the Party Anthem. It was about the best thing ever!! Have a fantastic week!

    1. IIIIIII know. I think I’m blocking out a solid 2 hours. There’s now the pre-warm up tweeting and music listening and then there’s the after party. I don’t think this song will ever get old and if it does, the video just makes it come right back in again.

  4. Sounds like a fun party, just wish I had more time to hang out. Weekdays can be a mess for me of schedule twists that put fiction plots to shame. Like crossing a rushing river by leaping from one log to the next. Do you sprint on the weekends? I might be able to work that in.

    Great job keeping up with your goals. Have an excellent week, Nicole 🙂

    1. Hmmm. I should think about springing during the weekends, but it would have to be morning time for me which is sleeping time for the USA. Soooo, I would have to go alone. 🙁 The weekdays can be busy but at least I’ve been able to fit an hour or more because I don’t know when else I would get my writing done. You seem to have a great schedule with 7,000+ a week!

  5. I watched this party live, including the awesome video 🙂 But I didn’t have the peace at home to join you in a #wordsprint during the week…
    You had great progress, and it seems you’re having fun as well. It can’t get any better than this 🙂
    Keep it up!

  6. OMG RIOT!!! Love the collection of ROW80 chatters. You had a GREAT week! I’d be curious to know what writing craft book you are reading that’s rocking your world. I need one more to meet my goals this round.
    Shaking pompoms wildly – woot woot!

    1. I couldn’t resist putting together a small collection. It was just too funny at the time and I’m glad everyone still finds it humorous. As for the book, it depends on what genre you’re writing in. I’m going for women’s fiction/chick lit so the book I’m reading is called “Will Write for Shoes: How to write a chick lit novel” by Cathy Yardly. Don’t let the title fool you, its not all glitz and fluff in this book, its FULL of very useful and relevant info for me anyways. 🙂

    1. hashtag are where its at. the #ROW80 #teamsprinty meets at 8:00pm Brussels time, 7:00pm London time, which is I think 1:00pm (Texas) and 2:00pm (New York). We are lucky that the timezones somehow allow us to sprint at the same time together. Hope to see you at the #row80.

  7. Well am still blushing here at my tweet! I forget not only you guys can see my tweets as sometimes it feels like we are chatting in a private world! Although I actually sent the tweet to Lena about laughing in the face of plot and structure….I am claiming it back just to prove my tweets aren’t always smutty!

    That chick-lit writing guide sounds good, will have to look for it. I hope to be around for more sprints this week so see you there! Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. I know what you mean. I forget that our tweets can be seen by others and also think of it as a private little world we have there. lol.

      The book is really good. I will be reviewing it on my blog here once I finish, probably in a another week or two. See you at #teamsprinty this week.

  8. Hi Nicole! I’m new to ROW80 and I’m wondering through the hashtag and thought I’d drop on by and introduce myself and check your blog out. Very cool by the way. And I would have to say that you’ve got it going on girl with your WIP. Great goals and your meeting them. Nice to meet you. 🙂

  9. Sounds like you guys are having loads of fun!
    I wish I could join you on sprints, but the time you guys meet is kinda of a bad time to me …
    Hope you guys decided to add another sprint time soon lol
    Have a nice week!

  10. OMG, this is FREAKING HILARIOUS! I’m so happy you let me be a #ROW80 fly on the wall. 🙂

    Gotta go shuffle now…I can’t wait to Jan 25th to see your schedule. 🙂 Wheeeeeeee!

  11. Oh my gosh Nicole! I love your post today! How fun! I missed the #Row80 party this week. Bummer. But I’ll be back at our word sprints #teamsprinty this week. That’s 11:00am California time if Karen cares to join us. I’ll have to make a point of trying to check in one the hash tag more often throughout the day. Sounds like I’m missing out!

  12. lmao, love the shuffling song, we put it on the jukebox every weekend at the pub and all go crazy (well mainly me, but still) I need to hop on the hashtag more often, I’m missing all the fun! hehe

  13. My overburdened brain can never remember the times for the wordsprints, and the #teamsprinty is new to me. Can’t wait to get in a groove with sprints. I find them so helpful. Sounds like I’ve been missing some fun over at #ROW80, too. Sickness has been running my house for too long!

    Sounds like a great week for you!

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