Book Review: Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married – Marian Keyes

Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, Marian Keyes’ breakout novel making her a bestselling author, is an action packed story of finding love. Running at 640 pages, being printed in a larger format than the standard paperback its about two inches thick and it will definatey make your hand sore, wrist, fingers and all, because you won’t be able to put it down. […]

Over preparing for vacation/ROW80 check in

So I made the mistake of telling my colleagues at work that I’m packing this weekend for my upcoming vacation. Yes, packing is a normal thing to do before your vacation, but I did mine 4 days in advance. My colleague’s response was “you’re packing all week?” I’d have to say that it was a […]

How I use social media as a platform

Based on advice from Kristen Lamb’s book “We Are Not Alone” (WANA) and her blog posts I have decided to share how I’m using social media as an “author platform.” As I am yet to be what is considered an author, the social media platform is in the works, the prepatory phase for what I hope one day […]

Weird things are a happening – ROW80 check in

So this morning was a little different than most Sunday mornings. Rather than waking up at 6 or 7am because of the biological clock, it was a pleasant surprise to look at the blurry clock at 8:45am. Hallelujah! A nice gift it was. Then after showering and eating breakfast, I went to get some milk […]