I’ve never been one who leaves things to the last minute. Whenever I had a paper or an assignment due for a class, I did it right away. I would do it in advance, check over it and have it printed and ready to go in my bag the night before. I wouldn’t stay up until 2 or 3am hammering out a paper checking the clock too see how many hours left there were until class. No. I didn’t think that this would happen to me with ROW80 either. The goals I set out at the beginning were 5,000 words per week and 50,000 words total over the 80 days.

I think we all will be at "Adult Beverage Time" on day 80

Current word count: 45,525
Words written this week: 3, 500
To meet my 50,000 goal: 6, 475
Days to meet goal: 4.33 (because today’s only 66% over)

Can I write 6, 475 words in 4 days? Only time will tell. I think the answer is already no. Firstly, there is still half a day left to Sunday and if I finish 1, 500 words today then I will meet my weekly 5,000 word goal. The only problem is, this is what is happening on my street today:

Look a distraction!

Is it an excuse? No, of course not. I could seclude myself in the dark corner of the tiny office in the apartment. Or I could write out in the open on the balcony as I am in this moment. I can tune out distractions, but happy African music and seeing everyone eating corn on the cob and drinking mojitos and other cocktails out of plastic cups is a little distracting.

So I have a few choices:

  1. write like the wind and make my goal
  2. include my plotting in my word count because I’m sure that it would put me over the 50,000 word mark
  3. include my blogging in the word count, which would put me waaaay over the 50,000 word mark
  4. change my goal. But it seems silly at this point to change my goal from 50,000 to say 47,000.

So either I give myself a break knowing that over the last 80 days I have: produced well over 50,000 words, made new friends, have a long to-read list, I learned so much about the craft of writing and about what works for me, and like the Writer’s Clock shows there is no time for (unpublished) writers only the process ORRRR I push it for the next 4 days…

How’s everyone else doing? Did you meet your goals already? Are you almost there? Are you way behind? 

21 thoughts on “Tick Tock only 4 days left of Row80”

  1. Give yourself a break, Nicole, and celebrate what you’ve achieved! That’s my vote, anyway!

    My internet is down, and I don’t have the patience to post from my phone
    so my update will be posted later, but I’m in the exact same shape as you are, but I’m farther along than I would have been. Also,
    I would not have met all you wonderful folks.

  2. Nicole, for the record, I am dragging a couple of my ROW80 goals from this round to the next round! Ultimately, the purpose is to make visible progress, and you clearly have! I vote that you have that adult beverage, write as many words as feels right this week, and if you’re short, pat yourself on the back anyway. You’ve had a great round!

  3. OMG your street looks AMAZING. Where I live is very, very boring. The only distractions I have are things like that time I had to call the police because there was a cow on the road while I was driving home. I milk those distractions for all their worth (and I didn’t mean to make a pun. Too little coffee this morning 😀

    1. I used to live somewhere “boring” and now I really miss it. I lived in a place where every now and then someone’s cows would get out and you would see them at the end of the driveway eating the grass. P.S. Puns are my favorite. Best humour I’d say. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  4. a cow on the road would be a great event here!!! stop beating yourself over the head with a man made goal – enjoyment and mingling with real people a writer makes – go forth and enjoy – alll the more refreshed to start the next round:)

  5. Yay, you’ve accomplished so much! I think you must congratulate yourself: that final list is incredibly impressive, because you have fulfilled all of the elements of being a writer. I say go off and have some fun, do a bit of writing over the next few days, but don’t kill yourself trying to hit 50k on the MS.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    1. Thanks Lena. I don’t think I have it in me to plough through the 6,000+ words needed. So I will do what I can in the next few days and carry over into the next round.

  6. Gotta have some social time to keep the creative juices flowing. Take a brake and then do as much writing as you can fit in comfortably. You’ve done an awesome job this round! I didn’t fare quite as well, but moving on to Round 4!

  7. Nicole,

    I’m very impressed with all you’ve accomplished. You blog A LOT, you have a full-time day job, and you’ve almost reached a very difficult goal of 50K. I’m going to echo previous commenters: Think about what you’ve achieved, not what you haven’t.

    That said, write what you can until the time is up and record your word count. Perhaps you’ll want to adjust your goal for the next round (I’m considering joining–was too chicken to do it this last round.).

    Congrats, and enjoy! 🙂

  8. Your street is truly amazing! Nearly 50,000 words is amazing and whatever you can do to creep closer to that then you should do it however all work and no play would make you a dull girl! I am starting to regard everything as research and that market definately looks like it holds a few stories! Have a great last few days!

  9. I love this! I now know what city to visit next. Brasov looks gorgeous and “home” like. I crave a change to the hustle and bustle of NY. I lived in Greece for 2 months, and I miss the days of seeing farm life cross the road. Sigh.. Thanks for sharing those pictures!!!

  10. Congrats. In so many ways, you have had a successful ROW 80. I’ve learned so much about myself through ROW80 and my goals. I can only label it a success. I look forward to Round 4 now that I have a better idea on how to articulate my goals. Hope to see you there!

    1. I think I’m the same way. Even though I won’t make the 50,000 mark I came close and learned a lot more than I thought I would. I will re-evaulate my goals for Round 4 as well.

  11. I’m not doing row80, but I’m a little behind on my September goals so far too, but I’ve accomplished a lot. Remember, it’s better to set the bar high and almost make it than to keep your goals low and make them easily. Good luck with whatever time you’ve got left!

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