(c) Geraktv | Dreamstime.comSo yesterday August 6, was Uni-Verse-City blog’s birthday. I felt like I should have done something a little more special for it growing to be one year’s old, but being on vacation in warm weather and over eating to the point of a semi-comatic state has prevented me from “throwing” a proper blog birthday.

I remember that I started this blog last year so that I could write and so that my family, still in Canada, could get a better idea of what I was doing and seeing over here in Europe. I was posting a blog maybe once every two weeks. You will see in many months that there are very few posts.

Then this March I decided that I was finally going to write a novel. I developed an idea and went with it. I started blogging more often as I got into the writing grove. In July I was posting 2-3 blogs per week, which was a big step forward for the growth of this blog. I started to find more topics and using social media, I’ve met so many inspiring people, writers and bloggers.

So I’m happy that my blog has had a big growth spurt in the past few months and maybe next year, I will hold a proper birthday for my blog with a contest of some sort, which seems to be the popular thing to do for a blog birthday.

As for my writing towards my work in progress, I was able to sneak in some writing time. It was like visiting an old friend. I missed writing and it felt good to get some words down. I feel bad for neglecting it so much during my holiday, but I decided that I should make use of the holiday for relaxation since I have a full time job in addition to working in he evenings on my novel. So my “friend” (novel) will wait for me to drop in when I can and I will make it up to her by giving extra attention when I get back home.

I made my weekly goal this week with 5, 157 words. I don’t think I will make the same progress in the coming week, but I will try.

So Happy Birthday to Uni-Verse-City! I promise to give presents (photos and posts on my vacation) when I get home.

7 thoughts on “Uni-Verse-City blog birthday and Row80 check in”

  1. Happy birthday! *confetti*

    Well done for making your weekly goal and you are right, you need a break at some point and you will be all the fresher for it! Your ‘friend’ will be there with a coffee and biscuits waiting for a catch up with you!

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