September Surge

It’s the end of summer, where everyone is still wearing shorts, skirts and t-shirts. People are still going to patios and having barbeques. Friends are re-uniting and sharing stories from their summer vacations. There is an exciting surge of activity. In general people seem happy to see each other, talking and getting back to work, starting new things and enjoying the last days of warmth (depending on where you live).

Why do most book clubs read the classics?

So my question is: why do most book clubs these days read the classics?
Maybe book clubs read the classics because it’s good to have this “cultured knowledge” or maybe because the average person needs a little help from peers to fully understand the book? I know I’ve cracked open Pride and Prejudice more than one while lying in bed before going to sleep, and I couldn’t seem to concentrate hard enough to sift through the “older” English and follow all the Ms Bennets.

Paris: the picturesque city

The Eiffel Tower is brown! In all the photos I’ve seen, the tower looks charcoal grey or black. I think it’s the least romantic place to get engaged. The man on his knee getting hit in the head with a girl’s purse and his soon-to-be fiancé dazed by the flash from someone’s camera. I preferred to look at the tower from outside than to look out from it…

Ode to Coffee

Your transparent caramel colour entices me.
When you touch my lips for the first time,
I´m eager to devour you.
I take you from mouth and inhale deeply.
I smile from satisfaction
with my first cup of morning coffee.