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The thing about graduate school is that is really is a life change. I took me about two years to select the programs I ended up applying for. I have to say being fortunate enough of getting accepted more more than one university was a dream, but it also made for a very difficult decision.

There were many aspects to consider when choosing a program. What the deciding factors came down to were: MA or MFA, cost, location, and potential opportunities post-graduation. These are the logical things to consider, you would think that I should choose based on a pro-con list down to the nitty gritty, but because I applied to MA’s and MFA’s and in programs on different continents the choice ultimately it came down to the very basic question: Where do you see yourself two years from now? 

My answer was easy: in my hometown. Having just moved back from Europe in June 2013, I wasn’t really ready to move back over the ocean even though the temptation was huge. Now is also a time of big change for my family and friends because they are also reaching turning points in their lives so it’s nice to be home to keep in the loop of where everyone’s heading.

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Masters of Communication and Technology (MACT)

I have decided to pursue a Masters in Communication and Technology through the University of Alberta. Living in a world where the Internet is already taking over many aspects of communication, and having a background and truck loads of interest in the field, this program was a no-brainer choice for me. I had many people who know me well say something along the lines of: “it’s like they made this program just for you, it’s a perfect fit”. I have already come to learn from my preliminary readings that this is the program is the one for me and I couldn’t be more excited about starting in May 2013!

The journey ahead

So I’ve dedicated the next two to three years towards obtaining this degree, which means that I will be using up most of my vacation time from work to study. Oh did I mention that I can continue working full-time and take this MA? Yeah, no student loans happening here!

So I will continue being a tourist in my own backyard, Edmonton, and I’m starting to consider traveling during the winter break, which could be interesting. Too expensive? Too many tourists? Or perhaps not many tourists because everyone is at home with their families for Christmas and New Years? I’ll have to find out!

Have you applied to graduate school? How did you choose your program? Are you currently on a journey towards something?

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  1. Nicole – wow, what a huge and important decision. I want to wish you the best of luck as you work towards this new goal in your professional life. My guess: you’ll ace this like an information pro! – Randy

  2. I can completely relate as to the amount of time it takes to pick the right program. I searched and paused and searched again for about the same amount of time. Looking forward to meeting you in person on Sunday or Monday!

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