Dr. Nicole Basaraba

Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities, TCD

Nicole Basaraba


Age of Technology: Age of Absent-mindedness

I have always had a “thing” against technology. It’s true, technology has some great benefits like the cell phone which comes in quite handy, but what I don’t like is how technology has overtaken us and our natural ability to interact with each other. We have become slaves of the digital age. People driving while

London: An Authentic Adventure of Tourism Marketing

London has been calling me since I can remember and I finally got to visit this amazing city. I didn’t have too many preconceptions about London other than it’s an expensive city where Big Ben lives. I was surprised in many respects about London. First of all, the metro system, or I should say underground

A little bubbly?

There should be an instruction manual for drinking gas water: Twist cap off gradually to let some gas escape. Don´t drink when thirsty. Only take small sips. Drink water in the same day as opening. Water goes flat within 36 hours. Warning: Drinking may cause bloating.

Brussels Reality Check

Beer is cheaper than juice or soda. A statue of a little boy urinating (Manneken Pis) is the symbol of the city and is dressed up in costumes. Alcohol is sold everywhere: fast food restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. People work on a 24-hour clock. (So 4:00pm is 16:00). Cashiers sit on a chair

September Surge

It’s the end of summer, where everyone is still wearing shorts, skirts and t-shirts. People are still going to patios and having barbeques. Friends are re-uniting and sharing stories from their summer vacations. There is an exciting surge of activity. In general people seem happy to see each other, talking and getting back to work, starting new things and enjoying the last days of warmth (depending on where you live).